hello, friend. I’m Sarah (not Sarah Anne).

I’m a wife, mom, believer, writer, and bibliophile who’s been in a love affair with words her entire life.

I started speaking in full sentences at just 18 months old, and I’ve been sharing my words with the world ever since.

This is a space where I share about things I care about, what I’m learning, things that make me happy, how I’m being challenged, and just about anything else that crosses my mind that I think is worth sharing. In essence, it’s where I process what it looks like to cultivate a life of faith, a life of simplicity, and a life that’s filled with delight, even in the ordinariness of daily living.

These days, I hang out in Northern Virginia with my amazing husband and adorable son where we work together to build a life that is simple, slow, and filled with all the things that matter most to us.

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A bibliophile’s musings about the search for simplicity, delight, and God’s hand at work in the ordinariness of daily living.


Sarah Anne Hayes

Sarah Anne Hayes is a writer, believer, wife, and bibliophile hailing from Northern Virginia.